Reciprocal respect is paramount. Those who don’t respect the time of others (in this case my time) and disappear in the void after making an appointment, will be inserted directly in my BLACK LIST. I've always liked serious people and not the time-wasters.


Primarily: don’t ask me please what does BDSM mean? and what it means to be Mistress? If you haven’ the slightest culture about this topic, please leave the site. It isn’t the article for you. Maybe you want to just have a chat in your free time, but in this case it isn’t a good purchase for me.


Don’t bother me with calls like this: "Give me the address”. The address of whose? Of my beautician, of my dog’s hairdresser or the greengrocer standing at the corner? The location will be provided after booking confirmation.


Don’t ask me to make an appointment at the last minute. I am not a bionic woman (unfortunately), I am a human like you and I need the time to organize myself. I receive only and exclusively strictly by appointment, prefixed one (or more) hour in advance.


Don’t try to stay beyond the time set for our appointment. If you wish to stay longer, you will need to provide the additional donation for extra time. (Of course if I'm free and I'll have the desire to continue the session).


Don’t ask me such useless questions when I will be in the South Pole, North Pole or on the Moon. Just consult my site, where you will find the updated travel dates.


Don’t ask me please for the sessions lasting less than one hour. It mean doing nothing. In My opinion, the sessions should be done well or not be done. I don’t consider BDSM as a simple walk. S&M, besides being a passion, is an art.


I never sent the selfie photos. I don’t answer the endless poems on whatsapp and e-mail. I'm not a beginner to lose my time with inconclusive people.


Don’t ask me about sexual services. It is not a serious proposal of a TRUE slave.


Don’t ask me any stupid questions about the size of my breast, the length of my legs or the width of my backside. I will understand immediately that you have not understood anything about the announcement or that you have nothing better to do. I don’t want to seem presumptuous, but I consider myself to be young, beautiful, sensual and smart enough (like any woman who has the esteem in herself). Moreover, I have remarkable experience in my profession. I think that this is the main thing for a real submission. For those who are convinced that "the appearance is important too": I invite they to visit the photos published in the section " Private Area ".


I don’t use the safeword or safe signal to interrupt the session. Practicing bdsm for several years, I consider myself quite capable and competent to understand when I have to stop the treatment.


I don’t practice the scat, burns with cigarettes and bloody sadomasochism.


I don’t use needles on the genitals or on the nipples. I don’t practice the crushing in My dungeon.


I don't do anything if you don’t agree with me and if you haven’t the minimum confidence in me. If you don’t trust Me, bring the description of the session even on a simple piece of paper. I prefer to clarify the question before the session, dedicating the time necessary to understand the client's needs. We are all different, with different experiences and fantasies.


Don’t ask me for discounts, I invest a lot in my job, and like all freelancers I ask for the right reward. If you are not happy with the requested rate, don’t make excuses, offenses or stupid questions: you will be more polite by saying "I'll think about it", "I call you back” etc ..., or simply attacking the phone.


I don’t need to have personal slaves. Refrain from similar proposals.


I also accept the outcall sessions. With adequate notice I can reach you in your Hotel (4 or 5 stars), for dinner, after dinner, or for the weekend. Reciprocal comfort is very important for me.


I don’t respond to hidden numbers.